A. R. (Andy) MacPhee, B.A.Sc., P.Eng.
Brampton - Ontario - Canada

Good luck
(gud 'luk) - planning carefully executed



Dedicated and driven Quality Manager whose most recent accomplishments include:

Ø       Kanban of label printing program saved $50,000/year at zero cost.

Ø       Innovative  radius  gauge  design  reduced  measurement  variation  by 85%.

Ø       RCCA produced 25% cutting-scrap reduction on high-aspect rectangular tube.

Ø       Updates to process parameters produced 60% scrap reduction for all tube mills.

Ø       Successful new product launch provided 25% of the total volume on main tube mill.

Ø       Implementing electronic documentation on shop floor saved $60,000/year at zero cost.

Ø       97% first submission acceptance for 500 new product launches over 5 years and 2 facilities.


Career Driver

Applying a statistical lens to process data, a logical mind to systemic issues, and a creative personality to:
developing solutions to waste and variation across the organization, and promoting Customer satisfaction.

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