A. R. (Andy) MacPhee, B.A.Sc., P.Eng.
Brampton - Ontario - Canada

Good luck
(gud 'luk) - planning carefully executed


Special Skills

My system development and management experience has honed the following skills:


Ø       Mechanical inclination  – rapidly up to speed on new processes.

Ø       Logical thinker – able to extend experiences to match new situations.

Ø       Teamwork – built cohesive and motivated teams in challenging situations.

Ø       Mathematical – mastery of  engineering mathematics and  quality statistics.

Ø       Achievement   performance & commitment recognized all previous positions.

Ø       Customer focused – long history of unearthing and satisfying Customer needs.

Ø       Administration – managed people and systems across shifts and multiple facilities.

Ø       Practical solutions– experience to deliver workable, hands-on process solutions.

Ø       Communication – listening, teaching, presentations, writing and illustrating materials.

Ø       Planning – ability to develop project plans from mission statement thru' final assessment.

Ø       Management –  achieves  objectives  despite  continuous  change and  conflicting  priorities.

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