A. R. (Andy) MacPhee, B.A.Sc., P.Eng.
Brampton - Ontario - Canada

Good luck
(gud 'luk) - planning carefully executed


In every role he has performed, Andy has demonstrated the ability to work independently,
assume a leadership role in activities that crossed various levels of the organization,
and work extremely effectively in cross-functional settings.

J.L. Clark, Quality Director


 Andy always carried out his work in a professional manner. He was reliable,
well organized, developed good working relationships with his colleagues
and always approached his work in a positive and productive manner.

G. Dumoulin, General Manager


Along his upward path, Andy made countless contributions and led significant initiatives,
improving practically every aspect of our operation.

J. Lui, Manager I.T.


 Andrew is an intelligent and skilled individual.  He developed many initiatives that
were beneficial to the company and always displayed an excellent work ethic.

A. Fanning, Inside Sales Manager

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